Project-based, hands-on curriculum personalized to each child



The San Francisco Schoolhouse is a progressive K-8 school located in the Richmond District. Our program is founded on the belief that children learn best in an environment that respects and nurtures their natural curiosity and love of learning.

Our small class sizes, high-quality, passionate teachers, and active parent participation model provide a unique opportunity for families seeking a community-minded progressive education that challenges and supports their children.

• Admissions and General Contact:

• Located at 301 14th Avenue, San Francisco CA 94118, in the Inner Richmond neighborhood

• Project-based, hands-on curriculum personalized to each child

• Adventure education throughout the city, music, theater, and creative arts

Small class sizes: Approximately 11 students in each class, grades K-1 have lead teacher and full-time teaching assistant

K-8 school, currently serving grades K-5, enrolling K-6 for 2017-2018

• School hours from 9am-2pm for grades K-3; 9am-3pm for grades 4-5

• Before care and after care available from 8am-6pm, including afternoon enrichment classes

• Parent participation to foster school-wide community

• Established in 2011 as a non-sectarian progressive school

• 10 faculty / staff members

Tuition for 2016-17: $10,660


The Adventure Day program is designed to take advantage of the many incredible learning opportunities for children in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Adventure Days are carefully woven into the overall learning experience, connecting to themes developed in the classroom, and extending the opportunities for exploration and experiential learning. Starting close to the school at the start of Kindergarten, and spiraling outward as the year and the grades progress, the children explore the wider world and their place in the community. Higher grades include overnight experiences. Adventure Days are led by teachers and chaperoned by parents.


The Parent Participation Program is a cornerstone of the SF Schoolhouse community. Parent participation builds community, connects families to their children’s school life, and helps keep the school affordable. Parent participation is required for:

• Adventure Days: All parents in grades 1 and above are required to chaperone a certain number of Adventure Days a year.

• Parent Education: One parent per family is required to attend monthly Parent Meetings. These are educational meetings led by the Head of School and teachers. There are operational updates, well as time for parent committees to meet.

• Parent Participation jobs: There are a wide variety of school jobs that parents can perform, ranging from room parents, event planning, web site updates, outreach, fundraising, etc. Jobs vary widely, and the school is sensitive to family needs for working during the day vs. in the evenings off site, and family time constraints.


Our Extended Program is available Monday through Friday from 8-8:45am, and after school until 6:00pm. Drop-in is available. Our after school program also includes weekly enrichment classes taught by Schoolhouse teachers and community members such as movie-making, art, music, puppetry and Spanish.


The Schoolhouse emerged from one mother’s quest to find a school that provided academic excellence for her children, while being affordable for her family. With most private schools costing over $25,000 per student, it felt like a high-quality progressive education was simply not attainable. But when pushed by the necessity to educate her children, and inspired by the well-educated students in one room school houses from around the world and in the past, Rebecca Dake simplified the definition of an excellent education down to two basic ingredients: a passionate, experienced teacher, and a safe and healthy room.

First a room was found, and then a teacher, Rebecca Schneider, and with that the Schoolhouse was named and began in February 2011. Later that spring a second teacher came on board, Jack Schumacher, and by summer a collection of families were interested, but so much needed to be done! The summer proved eventful with many families deciding to pursue established schools, save for one family: Erin Cooney and Ted Price, and their daughter Annabel. September began and so did the Schoolhouse with one teacher and one student; one student receiving an incredible education. Within weeks, Erin’s daughter came on board and the founding team was complete. Erin Cooney, Rebecca Dake, Jack Schumacher and Rebecca Schneider began teaching, organizing, meeting with parents and putting together the foundation of the Schoolhouse. By the end of the first school year the Schoolhouse had 6 students, followed by an enrollment of 19 students K-2nd for the 2012-2013 school year. By the time 2013-14 came along, the first lead teacher (outside of founders Jack and Rebecca) had been hired. Bridget Curley was the new kindergarten teacher and the school year kicked off with 32 students in K-3rd. During the 2013-14 school year, the inaugural Winter Lights celebration took place and the Schoolhouse showcased its first annual school play. In 2014-15 we opened with 42 students, and Susan Spurlock came on board as our 3rd/4th grade teacher and the founder of our music program. Daniel Popplewell, a part-time Head of School, also joined the school. In 2015-16, Betsy Fowler joined us to teach 2nd/3rd grade, and Erin Cooney, our Board Chair, expanded her responsibility to become Director. In 2016-17, Aimee Giles joined as our first full-time Head of School, along with Rob Greco, our Founding Middle School Teacher, and Sophie Haskell, our new 1st grade teacher. We are opening the school this year with 56 students.