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Beyond Middle School

We prepare our middle school students for the next step, high school. Equally as important, we collaborate with families to find the right school for their child and walk them through every step of the process. 

Preparation for high school begins in 7th grade and includes

  • meetings with the student and their families to clarify interests, share the options available, and recommend a schedule of visits

  • students engaging in a reflection project in 8th grade in which they will reflect on their strengths, challenges, interests, questions, and lessons learned to be included in their applications to high schools

  • practice interviews for students

  • and more 

Where Our Students Go

Alumni of Schoolhouse move on to many area high schools after graduation, including:

Bayhill High School

The Bay School

City Arts & Leadership Academy

Drew School

Jewish Community High School

Lick Wilmerding High School

Proof School

San Francisco Girls School

Stanbridge Academy

High School Counseling Process

Schoolhouse supports each graduate and their family to find the best high school to match the students’ interests, needs, and goals. Accordingly the high school counseling process entails personal support from the head of school and middle school faculty. Below is an overview of the process and timeline.


Overview of the Process

The head of school meets with families to cover the topics below:

  • Get to know school options both public, private, and beyond

  • How to navigate the process

  • Tuition Assistance guidance

  • Counseling and advice throughout the process

  • Parent and student surveys regarding school choice

  • Schoolhouse assists in creating a quality list of appropriate prospective schools 


Spring of 7th Grade

  • Meeting with families to review the process 

Summer before 8th Grade

  • Complete School Preference surveys

  • Meet with Head of School

Fall of 8th Grade

  • Passion Project due

  • Regular check ins about scheduling tours and school options

  • Update shared school interest list with Head of School

  • Transcript and recommendation requests requests due by December 1 or earlier

Winter of 8th Grade

  • Applications due

  • Reflection Project due

  • Wait patiently

Spring of 8th Grade

  • Most decisions arrive in March

  • Acceptances, waitlists, and decisions

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