Campus Reopening Plan

The Schoolhouse COVID-19 task force committee composed of trustees and administrators collaborated with the faculty and parents to advise on campus re-entry strategies that prioritize the health and wellbeing of our community, flexibility and transparency, and adequate planning time for a mission-aligned educational program. The team also considered the data provided by parent and faculty surveys, along with increased health measures, including changes to our daily routine, health checks, and changes to how we use school spaces to formulate the reopening plan for the fall of 2020.

Plan For The Hybrid Instructional Program (HIP)

The hybrid instructional program (HIP) consists of in-person instruction that remote students will join via Google Hangout or Zoom. Additionally, some teachers may instruct remotely to in-person and remote learners. Remote instruction will facilitate safety for class cohorts and teachers and allow for participation in the educational program whether they remain at home or attend on-campus classes.


Schoolhouse is a community of children, teachers, parents, guardians, extended family members, staff, and administrators “where the academic, social, and emotional development of students is paramount; and where children are encouraged, and empowered to realize their full creative and engaged selves.” The threat of a highly infectious outbreak in the school could be detrimental to the goals of this community. By following this campus reopening, Schoolhouse is dedicated to reducing possible miscommunications, mitigating risk, and establishing guidelines in advance for potential challenges. Schoolhouse has the following commitments.


  • Reopen in-person school in a way that promotes safety for students, parents and staff that maximizes the protection of lives by reducing health risks while minimizing disruption to education and social interaction.

  • Provide a community of care for all students, families, and staff members.

  • Implement our in-person and remote learning hybrid environment that ensures a continuity of learning for every student that carefully considers the resources of facilities, families, and staff.

  • Continue to deliver an educational program that fulfills Schoolhouse’s mission, values, and vision that engages in collaborative, project based learning and meets learners where they are and propels them forward.

  • Provide support for students and their families in the areas of technology, the social-emotional needs of students, and adapting the hybrid and distance learning program to the home environment (especially for parents/guardians).

  • Prioritize and maximize in-person learning for the youngest students.

  • Offer a dynamic program for all students whether they attend on campus or remotely.

Ensuring a Safe Campus Reopening: Supporting Documents & Policies