Community Roles & Responsibilities

At the Schoolhouse, we are committed to building, maintaining and evolving an active, engaged, caring community of learners. We believe that the vitality of our community depends on the active participation of everyone in it. And we believe that taking responsibility — for yourself, for others, and for the community — is the most important ingredient of a healthy community of learners.

At the Schoolhouse we take the time to build deep relationships and we value teamwork. We recognize that effective teams are characterized by clearly defined responsibilities, a shared commitment to collaboration and open communication, and a common vision of the goals to be achieved. We take seriously each person’s need to understand their particular role and responsibility so they can function effectively in our community.

In a community we recognize that every role or position has its own set of requirements, and every person occupies a position. To be a member of the Schoolhouse community, therefore, means that every person takes full responsibility for meeting the requirements and responsibilities of their position.

Here are the responsibilities for every position, or role, in the Schoolhouse community. And here is a chart showing how we organize these positions at the Schoolhouse.


All members of the Schoolhouse community are responsible to:

  • Take 100% responsibility for yourself and for your relationship with others.
  • Assume good will.
  • Be kind, always.
  • Be respectful of others at all times, no matter what.
  • Treat people the way they want to be treated (not just the way you want to be treated).
  • Bring a problem to the person who can do something about it.
  • Listen with a willingness to change.

Teachers and Administrators

All employees of the Schoolhouse are responsible for:

  • Building, maintaining and evolving the quality of the community in general, and in particular the faculty community.
  • Forming partnerships with colleagues, and working collaboratively in those partnerships.

All teachers are responsible for:

  • Being a lead learner alongside children.
  • Creating conditions that maximize learning.
  • Meeting the needs of every student.
  • Forming a team focused on the needs and education of each student, including the student and their family.
  • Leading in the never-ending process of understanding how each child learns.
  • Being the primary organizer of information about how and what each child is learning.
  • Advocating for the students.
  • Being on the child’s side, no matter what.
  • Making all of the above obvious to everyone.

All administrators are responsible for ensuring that all teachers are supported, and that the school is moving efficiently towards its goals. Specifically,

The Head of School is responsible for ensuring that:

  • The Schoolhouse vision and values are clearly defined by all, to all.
  • The school does what it says it does, and is known for that in the broader community.
  • Each position is filled by a person who is enthusiastically pursuing goals that meet their own needs, as well as the needs of the Schoolhouse. And each person is held accountable for meeting their position’s responsibilities.
  • Everyone is invited, involved and invested in the mission of the school.
  • The school runs smoothly and effectively, and the right information gets to the right people.

The Director of Operations is responsible for ensuring that:

  • The day-to-day operations of the school runs smoothly.
  • The Extended Program meets the needs of the students and families, and furthers the mission of the Schoolhouse.
  • The parent community continues to be actively involved in the school, contributing to its well being.

Board of Trustees

The Board is responsible for:

  • Preserving the school’s mission and objectives over the long-term.
  • Selecting and supporting the Head of School, including conducting a written annual evaluation and working with the Head to establish goals for the following year.
  • Ensuring the school’s financial health, including approving the annual operating budget and setting tuition.
  • Taking a leadership role in fundraising.
  • Ensuring all trustees are actively involved in the work of the Board.


All families are responsible for:

1. Working in partnership with their child’s teachers and actively participating on their child’s education team by:

  • Sharing any and all useful information about their child.
  • Setting appropriate limits and boundaries for their child.
  • Strengthening their child’s “disappointment muscle.”
  • Encouraging their child to take on new responsibilities.
  • Each year, increasingly shift from being their child’s manager to being their child’s coach.

2. Participating in the Schoolhouse community by:

  • Contributing time, skills, expertise and energy to a family job.
  • Supporting your child’s teachers with classroom resources as needed.
  • Hosting one Thursday Teacher Appreciation lunch each year.
  • Attending Parent Meetings during the year.