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Database Updates for Schoolhouse Families

This form will be enabled at a later date, TBD

Use this form to submit updates whenever any of your family’s information changes (i.e. email address, mailing address, phone number, pediatrician, etc.).

Here are some directions.

On the Student Profile tab:

  • Provide the names of up to 5 people you authorize to be able to pick-up your child from the Schoolhouse; note their relationship to your child next to their name.


On the Emergency Contacts tab: 

  • Provide contact information for other people (besides parents) who may be called in an emergency that you authorize to transport your child. Parents will always be called first.

  • The database company is updating this tab so we can collect phone numbers and emails for both adults in each emergency contact household. In the meantime, put the primary emergency contact's cell phone number in the "mobile phone" field and include other phone numbers in the other phone number fields available. In an emergency, if a parent cannot be reached we will call all of the other phone numbers provided.


On the Medical Data tab:

  • Use the "medical condition" box to note all medical and health-related concerns, including allergies and any special instructions if your child is injured or ill.

  • If your insurance doesn't have a "policy number," enter the plan or group number here; whichever is relevant for your insurance.

  • If you have a preferred hospital or clinic, please type an asterik (*) in the "first name" field, and type the name of the hospital in the "last name" field (this is an oddity of our database).

  • The database company is updating this tab so we can collect phone numbers for your child's physician, dentist and preferred hospital/clinic. In the meantime, provide these phone numbers using their respective "middle name" field. This way we have the information.

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