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Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Mission

(adapted from the goals articulated by principal Steve Evangelista at Harlem Link Charter School)

  • Ensure a community of care for all students, families, and staff members.

  • Develop our remote learning environment so that it embodies as much of the Schoolhouse experience as possible, creating a continuity of learning for every student that carefully considers the resources of families and staff.

  • Provide targeted support for students and their families in the areas of technology, the social-emotional needs of students, and adapting the distance learning program to the home environment (especially for parents/guardians).

Distance Learning Plan Overview


Our plan is to use technology for a combination of live teaching (synchronous), recorded video lessons, and independent work in all disciplines (asynchronous). Teachers also continue to promote agency through engaging multi-faceted immersive projects that can take place at home. A key component is ensuring that the students feel connected to their school community and are able to collaborate in creative ways. Below is an overview of the activities:

  • Online live class meetings and all-school circles for community building

  • Live lessons for ELA (English Language Arts), Math, Humanities, Science, Art, STEAM, and Physical Literacy

  • Video lessons with original content by teachers that are both required and optional additional practice

  • Live small group sessions and one-on-one sessions with teachers

  • Scheduled access to teachers for parents and students to gain academic support

  • Weekly communication of the learning plan overview and daily assignment sheets that include optional challenges and activities

  • Differentiated instruction using leveled assignments and projects with varying educational access points

  • Apps: G Suite, Zoom, Khan Academy, Words Their Way, Reading A-Z, Padlet and Typing Club

Family Homeschooling Support
  • Tech support (including the use of Chromebooks and iPads) and coaching 

  • Parent education (and individualized family support) on how to inspire, motivate, and work best with your child(ren) at home

  • Social-emotional counseling for parents and students related to the stress of school closure, social isolation, and homeschooling dynamics


Community Connections

4:3:20 sfsh community share 3.png
Lotus Pose

A Schoolhouse core value is that “we’re anchored in community. We value fellowship and commitment. We champion the whole-student-faculty-family body . . . It takes a village; we are a village.” This is never more true than in the situation of distance learning where families are grieving over the loss of connection to teachers, other families, and the school environment itself. Schoolhouse has approached this issue with a multifaceted approach-on both a schoolwide level, and optional small group interactions. Below is a sample of programs that Schoolhouse has instituted during distance learning.

Schoolwide Newsletter


During distance learning, changes were made to the typical Schoolhouse newsletter so that it became more of a community connection piece. See sample newsletters here: April 5, April 12


Sample Schoolwide Events


  • Virtual Open Mic Night: During a zoom meet-up, all families and faculty (adults or kids) had a chance to perform music or read a poem. There were a variety of performances from renditions of pop and original songs, spoken poetry, instrumental solos, and the Banana dance performed by a 2nd grader. It was a moving way for our community to continue to stay connected!

  • Parents’ Night In: Parents and guardians were invited to a Friday happy hour, where they could have a drink and bond over their common challenges, while also sharing their humorous stories of unexpected moments of joy.

  • Virtual Family Charades: One of the school’s flex teachers led families in a game of Charades.

Sample Small Group Collaborations


  • Share the Care: A program started by a group of parents for Schoolhouse families that found themselves in need of a helping hand.

  • Yoga Classes: A Schoolhouse flex teacher (and professional yoga instructor) offered yoga classes on Saturdays for families and on Sundays for adults. 

French Feast
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