Lunch Ideas

The synagogue where we rent space is meat-free, and Schoolhouse is nut-free. Here are some lunch ideas from our creative and resourceful parents.

  • tuna fish

  • smoked salmon

  • smoked tofu - pre-cooked packages at Trader Joe’s (TJ’s)

  • veggie dogs/corn dogs

  • cheese sandwiches, cheese slices

  • cheese tortellini/mac ‘n cheese

  • egg salad, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs

  • gyoza - frozen bags at TJ’s

  • lentils - pre-cooked packages at TJ’s in refrigerator section

  • rice and beans

  • corn tortillas with refried beans and/or cheese

  • yogurt

  • Tofurky sandwiches and roll-ups 

  • edamame

  • hummus and carrots

  • crackers and cheese

  • yogurt (in a thermos) with a container of granola

  • rice, beans, and cheese in thermos

  • milk (in a thermos) with a container of dry cereal

  • bean and cheese burritos

  • yogurt or applesauce in a silicone “squeezer”

  • homemade granola bars

  • seaweed

  • hot oatmeal (thermos)

  • hot pasta (thermos)

  • tuna salad sandwich

  • rice cakes

  • sunbutter and jelly sandwich

  • dried fruit

  • bagel with cream cheese

  • just about any kind of fruit!

  • hot soup - minestrone, miso with tofu, split pea (thermos)

  • hot sweet potato (thermos)

  • cold pizza

  • leftover Chinese food (chow mein)

  • veggie fried rice in thermos

  • rice and avocado (can also make veggie sushi)

  • spanakopita

  • homemade granola chunks

  • pumpkin seed butter

  • kale chips

  • fresh dates stuffed with seed butter

  • orzo/quinoa/couscous salad - all kinds of add-ins - goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives, feta

  • avocado - all by itself or with cheese on bread

  • rice and egg pancakes - mix egg and rice and fry up like a pancake

  • fried rice with beg and egg in thermos

  • tamale in thermos

  • quesadilla with bean and cheese.

  • potatoes - slice leftover baked pots and sauté then slice and put in thermos

  • salmon jerky

  • rice balls (or triangles or squares...) with anything or nothing inside, can be rolled in seaweed, sesame seeds, salt, etc.

  • stuffed grape leaves (in a can or container from Dimitri's (Noriega Produce at 45th and Noriega)

  • leftover fruit smoothie with protein powder

  • roasted root veggies and/or roasted broccoli with maple syrup glaze

  • sweet potato fries made with lots of sea salt and butter

  • pasta with nut free pesto from Dimitri's (Noriega Produce at 45th and Noriega)

Pasta Pesto
Pizza Margherita
Poached Egg Sandwich
Fresh Green Salad with Feta
Indian Food
Braised Wild Salmon