Middle School Growth Plan & Vision

San Francisco Schoolhouse is growing. In order to accommodate the middle school program and establish a vision for the future, Schoolhouse will be locating additional facilities. The Board of Trustees is committed to staying near the historic Schoolhouse campus. The search may take place in one or two phases depending upon location. Phase one is to find a temporary space while we secure a permanent location that may require some renovation. Phase two is to move into the permanent location; however, it is possible that we may find the permanent venue for the Middle School in phase one. Regardless of the sequence, we plan to find a space that offers flexibility for our creative, project-based curriculum. Below is a sample rendering of a potential permanent space.

With the advent of new space, our middle schoolers will have an opportunity to enjoy dedicated space for their age group while maintaining connections with the younger students. All-School Circles, Mountain Lake Park and mentoring experiences will continue providing leadership and community building opportunities across the K-8.

Schoolhouse Vision- 24x36.jpg