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Multi-Age Classrooms

At Schoolhouse, children learn together in multi-age groups. Our groups look like this:

  • Kindergarten + First Grade

  • Second + Third Grade

  • Fourth + Fifth Grade 

  • Sixth + Seventh + Eighth Grade


Each group is team-taught by 2-3 teachers in 2-3 classrooms, depending on enrollment. Our student:teacher ratio is 12:1.


The benefits of multi-age grouping are many, and include:

  • Multi-age classrooms are authentic. They reflect the natural groupings found in our neighborhoods, communities and in the world, and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, modeling of behaviors, practice of responsibility and nurturance, and development of leadership and social skills.

  • Learning in a multi-age classroom is developmentally appropriate, child-centered and individualized; attention is paid to the education of the whole child.

  • The curriculum in a multi-age classroom is integrated and project-based.

  • The teacher in a multi-age classroom is the facilitator of learning rather than the keeper of knowledge.

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