Adventure Days/Service Learning


Adventure days are project-based experiences in the field that enhance academics and social-emotional learning, and expose students to the world beyond campus. Some of these days may include service learning and may be extended into overnights. Students also often design many of these experiences with guidance from their teachers.

Arts Integration


Teachers infuse projects and lessons with visual and performing arts, from math chants to dramatic performances of historical figures. Teachers ensure that all students gain a basic repertoire of the visual and performing arts.

Capstone Projects

During the middle school years, students will have 1-2 capstone projects in addition to the eighth grade presentation to mark key moments in their growth and development. Some projects may be incorporated into adventure days, overnights, or service.


Inquiry-Based Learning

This is a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems, or scenarios. It engages students, empowering them to direct their own learning.

Project-Based, Real World, Hands-on Learning

In addition to adventure days, service learning, and overnights, students participate in real world hands-on projects on a daily basis in the classrooms.