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Middle School Structure

15:1 Student Teacher Ratio
Advisories and classes keep to this ratio in general. We often combine the classes to offer students a larger group setting or ensemble experience.

School Day 8:30 am-3:30 pm

We are a Responsive Classroom school who begins and ends each day with a class circle. Students have snack at 10:15 am, recess at the Park starting at 11:30 am (with Physical Literacy three days a week), and lunch at 12:45 pm. Students bring their own lunch. Lunches are required to be vegetarian and nut-free (fish is permissible, no shellfish please).

Single & Mixed Grade Levels
Students work in mixed-age groups for academics, which builds community and challenges their intellect. When appropriate, they are grouped by grade.

Exceptional, Collaborative Teaching
Middle school faculty have specialties in math/science, humanities, and the arts. They collaborate daily on planning and continually hone their skills by participating in ongoing professional development.

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