Vision and Values

San Francisco Schoolhouse’s mission is to provide a progressive education that supports and develops a child’s natural love to learn, think creatively and problem solve through a project-based, hands-on curriculum that is personalized to each child. This is how we define academic excellence, and we provide it at an affordable tuition to the families of San Francisco.  A progressive education is founded on the principles of social justice. By making our school accessible to a wider socioeconomic range of families, we are fully embracing the definition of progressive education.

We envision the student who graduates from Schoolhouse as a young person who:

  • is happy and loves learning
  • expresses how they feel, good and bad
  • is responsible
  • finds the supermarket on a map
  • uses their hands to build something
  • helps a senior citizen cross the street
  • seeks to understand their parents
  • understands the power of their words on others
  • reads books of their own choosing
  • knows their local community and wants to explore the world
  • volunteers and serves the community
  • makes difficult decisions
  • is comfortable in different places with different people
  • invents their own ideas
  • figures out solutions to problems by themselves
  • asks lots of big questions
  • is fascinated in their history
  • says please and thank you, and knows how to spell them
  • knows how to study
  • listens before they react to anger
  • works with others
  • uses a library
  • knows whether they got the right change back in the store
  • fixes things when they are broken
  • leads as well as follows
  • organizes a party
  • thinks outside of the box

At the Schoolhouse, we value:

  • community as a place where everyone can belong and grow
  • kindness in how we treat others and ourselves
  • kids feeling safe at school
  • kids feeling challenged at school
  • resilience and perseverance
  • respect for differences in who we are and how we think
  • inclusion
  • integrity