Visit K-8

Review your options and sign up below to visit San Francisco Schoolhouse. We host virtual tours, and several open houses in the evening with our teachers. You will hear about both our distance learning and hybrid programs. We look forward to meeting you!

Questions? Email us at or call 415-834-8101.

Visit Kindergarten through 5th Grade

For families with students entering grades K-5, we offer virtual evening tours and virtual evening open houses.

K-5 Evening Tours

During a virtual tour you’ll hear about our approach to working with students, learn more about the creativity of our teachers, and meet some current parents and Carol Swainson, our Head of School.

We have K-5 virtual tours scheduled 6:15-7:45 PM on:

September 17, 2020, Thursday
September 29, 2020, Tuesday

October 13, 2020, Tuesday

October 27, 2020, Tuesday

November 5, 2020, Thursday

November 19, 2020, Thursday

December 8, 2020, Tuesday

January 7, 2021, Thursday

K-5 Open Houses

During a virtual evening open house, you’ll be able to spend time with our teachers, as well as meet some current parents and Carol Swainson, our Head of School.

We have K-5 evening open houses scheduled 6:00-7:30 PM on:

October 22, 2020, Thursday

November 11, 2020, Wednesday

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Visit Middle School

Middle School Virtual Interactive Open Houses & Tours - Grades 6-8

If you are a family with a student entering grades 6-8, please join one of our upcoming virtual middle school interactive open houses. Students and parents will experience our educational approach with hands-on experiences done at home. These events are for both parents and students to attend.

We have Virtual Middle School Open Houses scheduled 6-7:30 PM on:

October 21, 2020, Wednesday

November 18, 2020, Wednesday

December 9, 2020, Wednesday

January 27, 2021, Wednesday

We have Virtual Middle School Tours scheduled 6:15-7:45 PM on:

December 17, 2020, Thursday

January 14, 2021, Thursday

January 21, 2021, Thursday

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Personal Middle School Tours

You are also welcome to email to schedule a personal tour of the school.

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