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Grades K-5 Overview

Grades K-5

Learning by Doing


Schoolhouse’s K-5 program inspires students to be creative, think critically, and explore the world around them while they gain essential skills in all disciplines. Truly integrated projects generated by student interest capture the learners’ imaginations and desire for knowledge. Adventure days offer students additional hands on experience to pique their curiosity and opportunities to apply academic learning. The daily schedule provides students with structured academic skill building, time in nature, exploration, stimulating projects, and collaboration. Our program prepares students for life.



12:1 Student Teacher Ratio

School Day: 9:00am-2:00pm for Kindergarten, 9:00am-3:00pm for grades 1-3, 9:00am-3:15 pm for grades 4&5

Single & Mixed Grade Levels

Exceptional, Collaborative Team Teaching



Progressive Education

Inquiry-Based Learning

Immersive Project-Based/Real World/Hands-on Learning

Arts Integration

Responsive Classroom

Emergent Curriculum

Social-Emotional Learning

Adventure Days (AD)

Integrated Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Skills based instruction

Visual & Performing Arts

Physical Education & Sports

Media Literacy/Digital Citizenship

Curricular Highlights


The Post Office

The Farm Project


City Project

Island Project

Global Village Project

Letter for Change Project

Tectonic Plate Museum Project

Greek Gods Monologue with Sock Puppets

Cal Academy

Ocean Beach: Science & Service (AD)

Geo-cashing (AD)

La Cocina Marketplace (AD)

Stow Lake Earth Justice (AD)


[What I like about Schoolhouse] "Is that we always choose something for a topic to study and create a cool project, and we work on it all year." 3rd Grader

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