Project-based, hands-on curriculum personalized to each child

what makes us truly special.


Welcome to the Schoolhouse

Since February 2011, the San Francisco Schoolhouse has been providing a new option for families seeking an affordable, progressive education for their elementary school-aged children.

For us, affordable means a day-program tuition of around $10,000; and progressive means a strong focus on community as well as on experiential, hands-on and personally meaningful teaching and learning. You can read more about our vision of progressive education by clicking on the tab above.

Our belief is that children are naturally creative and highly divergent in their thinking. Most education strips children of these natural talents. Children learn at different paces and have different interests, strengths and weaknesses.

We believe in joy-inspired rather than fear-inspired learning as this results in students having a deeper commitment to their own education.

Teachers mentor, question and encourage. Teaching and learning involve solving real problems, experiencing the world outside the four walls of the classroom as well as discussion and analysis in small groups.

The Schoolhouse is a community of families coming together for the purpose of educating and growing a child. At the Schoolhouse, we have developed a Parent Participation Program where each family supports the running of the school.

You can find us in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco at 301 14th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118. We look forward to seeing you at a Morning School Tour or an Open House.


Daniel and the whole Schoolhouse Team